Known Issues

VMTools Nice/Device Filtering

A number of CNI implementations (such Calico, Antrea, and etc) introduce networking artifacts that interfere with the normal operation of vSphere's internal reporting for network/device interfaces. To address this issue, an exclude-nics filter for VMTools needs to be applied in order to prevent these artifacts from getting reported to vSphere and causing problems with network/device associations to vNICs on virtual machines.

The recommended exclude-nics filter is as follows for /etc/vmware-tools/tools.conf:


Each filter represents known CNI network/device interfaces. Most filters are straight foward, such as docker* for devices based on docker. Some filters, such as ????????-??????, aren't so straight-forward as that filter identifies Antrea devices which get created per POD.

Restart VMTools for the changes to take effect.

/etc/vmware-tools/ start
/etc/vmware-tools/ stop
/etc/vmware-tools/ restart

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